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Bloem Sealants

Bloem Sealants is a Dutch family business founded in 1954, with an established name in the construction industry. We supply a wide range of high quality sealants and bonding products. Our success stems from more than 65 years of product development, research and service to our professional customers. Our focus is on sealants and adhesives for the glazing market, for facade and glass roof constructions made out of wood, metal or plastic, for construction renovation and for passive fire protection. Professionals from these industries will find glazing sealants, joint sealants, elastic putty, silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, polymer sealants, polyurethane foams, silicon rubber profiles, passive fire protection products, sealing tapes and chemical anchors. Well-known brands include Easyseal-XPS, MSP-Hightack, MSP-Oneseal, Renoseal, Quadroseal, Fernocryl, Fernoseal, Fernostop and Fernomastic.

With environmental and quality hallmarks printed on our labels, we pride ourselves on the certificates (Emicode, BREEAM, ISEGA, KOMO, LEED, etc.) we obtained for our sealants and adhesives.

Partner for sealants, adhesives,

PU foam and rubber profiles

of a consistently high quality.


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Home Renovations, Ulft

On behalf of Welling Bouw & Onderhoud, Westerveld Nederhof has renovated 23 homes in Ulft. During a short period of time, the entire exterior of the homes was replaced using prefabricated elements. The facade elements were equipped with frames and glazing in the factory, and Easyseal XPS was used in combination with Blockseal for the sealing.

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Brussels, European Council

The renowned Belgian architect and engineer Philippe Samyn designed a building to house the “heart of Europe”. The building is in the shape of a huge cube with an egg-shaped meeting room in the centre. The exterior facades are constructed from recycled oak windows, sourced from member states of the European Union, symbolic of the EU’s characterics – transparency and diversity. In a patchwork of 218 unique elements, that together cover 4.000 square meters, all the frames are glazed with oak-coloured RENOSEAL elastomeric glazing compound. By using Renoseal hardly any future maintenance will be required.

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Amsterdam, Central Station

The new canopy of Amsterdam Central Station has been constructed above the bus platform. The structure is 360 meters long, 60 meters wide, and 22 meters high, made of 1500 tons of steel and glazed with 4500 cold-bent laminated safety glass panels. It was important to use sustainable rubber profiles with heat-conducting properties. The result was the application of Bloem Sealants BSP silicone profiles with all the prescribed characteristics.