Top and heel bead sealants, structural glazing sealants and sealants for connection and expansion joints.

Joint Sealing

Flexible sealants for connection and expansion joints between building components.

Paintable sealants

Paintable sealants and adhesives for glazing, windows and curtain wall constructions

Façade and curtain wall constructions

Durable joint sealants for residential and commercial façade constructions.

Airtight building

Sealing products for use in passive houses and airtight construction.

Sanitary and kitchen

Mould free sealants for sanitary, kitchens, cold stores, etc.

Cleanroom & food safety

FDA-approved sealants for cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, as well as food storage and processing rooms.

Interior construction

Sealants and adhesives for interior construction.


A wide range of elastic sealants for floors and galleries in new constructions, for maintenance and renovation.

Firestop products

A complete assortment of passive firestop products designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors and around building service penetrations.


Adhesives for a variety of construction purposes, including timber construction and industrial applications.


Durable waterproof polymer sealants and adhesives for EPDM rubber foil, bitumen foil, aluminium, copper, zinc and PVC.

Special applications

Silicone and MS polymer based sealants for specific seals in swimming pools, tank construction, etc. Used for construction and industrial applications.

Tools and accessoires

Auxiliary equipment for extruding sealants and adhesives, Cleaners, Primers, Sealant guns, Spatulas, Backing rod, Polyethylene Glass tape (PE-tape), Ceramic Glazing tape, Support and adjusting blocks, Powr Grip suction lifters, Cleaning Wipes, Safety Masks, Joint Finisher, etc.