About Us

Bloem Sealants BV is a Dutch family business, active since 1954 in sales and development of high-end sealants and adhesives. Our customers are professionals in the new construction, renovation and maintenance, facade, glass, painting and passive fire protection industry. The products are quality tested by institutes such as KIWA, KOMO, Efectis or Warrington. Our head office and central warehouses are located in The Hague.

Since the foundation of our company, knowledge and experience have led to an extensive program of sealants and adhesives, elastic glazing putties, MS polymers, acrylic sealants, PUR foams, BSP silicone rubber profiles and the necessary processing equipment.

Support with professional advice and short delivery times are daily practice. Choosing Bloem Sealants is synonymous with: Sealants that Work! … sealed, tight, secure and safe for years to come. Please contact us for further information.