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Sealants for glazing

Easyseal® XPS

Easyseal-XPS is a professional elastic sealant for glazing and expansion joints. Easy to apply; paintable with alkyd resin and water based paints.


Renoseal is an elastomeric glazing compound as alternative to linseed oil-putty for wooden and steel windows. Renoseal is suitable as an universal sealant for maintenance, renovation and restauration.


Blockseal is a neutral RTV silicone sealant, suitable for a wide range of glazing applications, especially due to the compatibility with inner primary butyl sealants of IG units and PVB interlayers of laminated safety glass.


MSP-Oneseal is a polymer based, elastic sealant for glazing and connection joints. MSP-Oneseal is paintable with solvents and water based paints. It meets ISO1.

Sikasil® WS-605S

Sikasil® WS-605 S is a durable, neutral-curing silicone sealant with a high movement capability and excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Sikasil® SG-20

Sikasil® SG-20 is a neutral-curing silicone adhesive which combines mechanical strength with high elongation. It adheres excellent to a wide range of substrates widely used in structural glazing applications.

Sikasil® IG-16

Sikasil® IG-16 is a neutral-curing, high-modulus silicone insulating glass secondary sealant with excellent adhesion to many substrates.