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Sealants for connection joints

Easyseal® XPS

Easyseal-XPS is a professional elastic sealant for glazing and expansion joints. Easy to apply; paintable with alkyd resin and water based paints.


MSP-Oneseal is a polymer based, elastic sealant for glazing and connection joints. MSP-Oneseal is paintable with solvents and water based paints. It meets ISO1.


Quadroseal is a durable elastic silicone sealant, suitable for various sealing purposes. Due to its excellent processing characteristics and wide scope, this sealant is the ideal product for professionals.


Water based acrylic sealant that provides 3 hour fire resistance. In movement joints up to 50mm, Fernocryl meets NEN6069, BS476 part 20 and EN1366-4.


Fernostop is a fire resistant sealant, based on acrylic and graphite. Exposed to fire the product swells and exerts pressure to the surrounding substrates leading to closure of the penetration.

Silicon FGS-25®

Low modulus alcoxy silicone. Suitable for facades, glazing and sanitary. Due to it's extreme low VOC emission, Silicon FGS-25 is Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD" certified.


Acryl-Crackfree is an acrylic based sealant that can be painted over very well with water-based and solvent-based paints. Use of Acryl-Crackfree prevents paint problems such as crackles and discoloration of the paint.


AcrylClear is a plasto-elastic acrylic sealant that is white when extruded, but becomes transparent by curing through evaporation of water.


MSP-Allround is an elastic sealant and adhesive based on MS-Polymer. It cures fast and has a broad adhesion spectrum to most building materials. ISEGA certificated for use in foodstuff related areas.


MS-Polymer-based, crystal-clear adhesive and sealant for structural bonding and sealing of transparent components for inside and outside use.


MSP-20 Sealant vulcanizes by atmospheric humidity to a long lasting, low modulus, elastic rubber. It gives excellent adhesion on smooth and porous substrates and has a very low VOC emission for which it meets EMICODE EC1-Plus.


Fernoseal is a fire resistant sealant product for linear joints and gap seals providing 5 hour fire resistance in horizontal and vertical joints up to 50 mm.