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MS-Polymer based sealants


MSP-Oneseal is a polymer based, elastic sealant for glazing and connection joints. MSP-Oneseal is paintable with solvents and water based paints. It meets ISO1.


MS-Polymer-based, crystal-clear adhesive and sealant for structural bonding and sealing of transparent components for inside and outside use.


MSP-Allround is an elastic sealant and adhesive based on MS-Polymer. It cures fast and has a broad adhesion spectrum to most building materials. ISEGA certificated for use in foodstuff related areas.


MS-Polymer based adhesive with extreme high initial tack, combined with fast curing. For bonding almost all heavy materials on about all substrates.


MSP-20 Sealant vulcanizes by atmospheric humidity to a long lasting, low modulus, elastic rubber. It gives excellent adhesion on smooth and porous substrates and has a very low VOC emission for which it meets EMICODE EC1-Plus.