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About us

Bloem Sealants BV is a solid Dutch family business. Customer oriented, we are supplier of high-end sealing and bonding products. Our clients are professionals in the field of construction and especially in the façade, glazing, painting and fire prevention industry. By  standards such as CE, KOMO, Warrington and Efectis we supply sealants, adhesives, fire rated products and rubber profiles for new constructions, renovation and heritage window glazing. 
Over 65 years of experience have led to a comprehensive program of glazing sealants and construction adhesives, based on silicone and hybrid polymer technology. Furthermore we develop and supply building industry in the field of structural and overhead glazing, with silicon extruded gaskets and molds. They provide highly effective solutions for a wide variety of sealing applications. Produced from synthetic elastomers, enabling to function in thermal, mechanical and chemical environments. You can choose from over 4.500 existing molds. We will be pleased to assist you choose or develop the right tool for your specific application Customer support with technical advice for permanent solutions is our daily practice. Since 1954 Bloem Sealants stands for: Sealants that Work! ... solid, durable and safe up solutions  to the length of years.